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Search Forums. Go to Page Coupon code for No-Mar tire changer? Quote Quick Reply. Remove Advertisements. Sorry, I don't have one but they are the ne plus ultra of tire changers and I would dearly love to have one. Only one left not in captivity. To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 0 or greater. You currently have 0 posts. E mail me. I am out on LI. Used it twice 2 tires.

It is perfect and will come with extras. I am not willing to ship as it is fully assembled and ready to use. It will be complete as from No Mar, all parts. Quote message in reply? Register Now. In order to be able to post messages on the Speedzilla Motorcycle Message Forums forums, you must first register. Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below.

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No-Mar XtraHand Clamp Tire Tool

For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. Those clamps look interesting. I watched a few videos to get a feel for what role they serve and I guess it might be something cheap that could make my life easier.

I certainly do not want to rip a tire as some are quite expensive i. Its not that I will solely be doing low profile tires as Im sure Ill end up doing tires for family and close friends who drive everything under the sun. But being that one of my main motivators is for my own vehicles the thing that goes through tires most often will end up being the hardest tires to change. I have 3 sets of wheels for that car to give you an idea of where Im coming from. At the moment I need to do 4 tires but one of my sets I would like to dismount and flip to get some more life out of them.

And those probably only have a couple events left on them anyway so in the next couple months Ill prob have done 12 tires just for that one car. The ROI is certainly there and I am going in on the machines with a good friend so we'll be splitting the cost. One of the things I wanted to establish was that the machine Im about to pull the trigger was capable of handling tires of that nature.

And also being that that Hometheaterman picked up the exact setup I was curious on his personal feedback as well as what he paid given he mentioned he got it for cheap. I plan to meet up with the seller tonight. We shall see Even a manual machine HF, Northern will work, with a few minor modification. Cover any metal that will contact the wheel. Machine "capability" has almost nothing to do with it. Only the top of the line machines are truly "touchless", but the rest can do the job.

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Improper technique will damage either the tire or the rim or both. He does not know the proper technique! I Low profile tires aren't really hard to do. If HomeTheaterMan says it works, buy 2 or 3. A couple of video worth watching that prove technique really is the most important thing unless you are doing dozens of tires per day.

I really did not understand all of the techniques we have discussed nor did I always have lube available. The worst case was changing racing tires on rims that had very extreme offsets. The tire had to be flipped over to get to bead tool to break down the other side.

Of course, working in a gravel parking lot, in 90F sunshine did not help! They both seem to be in good shape, scuffs and things like that but both are operable. Getting the machines into and out of the truck was interesting to say the least but thankfully there was a 2 post lift at the shop they came out of and we were able to do the same thing in my garage to lower it down in conjunction with straps. Hopefully this weekend I will have some time to clean them up as currently anytime I touch them my hands become filthy From there I need to find a good place to keep the machines which means Ill be playing some garage musical chairs.

No-Mar vs. Tire Stipper tire changer? | Adventure Rider

Then I need to sort of what I plan to do with running a new dedicated air line. I'll probably just use my welder plug for the balancer as opposed to running a dedicated circuit at least for the time being. But I really want to get organized and make a list of some tools that I should pick up.

I got a ton of wheel weights but Ill be using mostly stick on weights which means the majority of the clamp on ones will just sit there. I need to pick up a good bucket of lube. Seems there are many different styles but that Murphy's brand seemed to be well regarded. Should I be using different types of lube?

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  • It came with a tire iron but Im thinking it might be wise to pick up a different one or at the very least grab a protective sleeve for it so it wont mark up the wheels. Also the bead breaker shovel is another thing that I think would be wise to protect. The clamp tools are a great idea so Ill either pick up a few of those or the set on the string. After watching a couple videos I see how that'll come into play. The only other thing and the biggest thing right now is in regards to the plumbing of the system.

    For starters the whip going to the machine is old and brittle and leaking so that'll be replaced. No biggie. However, im reading a lot of mixed info in regards to the supply line pressure needed. My compressor is up to the task, Champion two stage unit, however in its current configuration I have the pressure switch set to shut off around and conpressor kicks on around ish I wanna say. I currently have all my air lines going to a main water separator and regulator where its turned down to about then branches off from there.

    I could tee off right before the water separator and regulator so the machine will see whatever pressure is in the compressor tank but Id prefer not to from a simplicity sake and I miss out of one extra water trap. So it leaves me with a decision and was hoping to gather feedback. Would you run a separate drop that bypasses the regulator or just tap in after the regulator keep it set to and hope for the best and assuming that doesnt have enough powa just crank up the regulator anytime I need to do tires?

    Im really excited to get this thing operable as you can probably imagine its a dream come true, haha! But first I'd like to come up with a plan and make a list of parts to ensure proper execution. If you have a 2 stage comp it should be set to and to a regulator, I added a t and a ball valve to my machine after the reg.

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    Turn valve on when you need the machine. The point of 2 stage is for constant, you can set the reg depending on typical demand and hose length and it is constant. I dont follow. Are you sugguesting I set the tank pressure to and have the pressure switch to kick back on around the range? Is so thats an added call it 40 increase in pressure. I guess the question is what is the benefit to me by doing that?

    My compressor is a 2 stage Champion with a 5hp Baldor motor. I dont know the CFM of the unit its nothing crazy but its a nice compressor and given my needs so far has worked out quite well. Im happy to turn it up if there is a benefit just seemed like where I had it it was working well and didnt see the benifit for the added stress on the compressor. The point is stored energy, it's the reason for 2 stage. There is ample headroom to make up for transmission loss and have constant supply above the requlator setting. At low pressure and single stage it is turning off just as 2 stage is kicking on, delivers full power all the time where single is only there when it's fully pumped.

    With small singles the power is only good for few seconds while tank is full and depleted at kick on. Thanks for the additional feedback.