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Buy-one-get-one free cup or cone of hand scoop or soft serve yogurt with sticker. Limit one per person. Available am — 11am. Just present your sticker at checkout July The Perks! You must receive a physical coupon at the donation station. Limited quantities and supplies may vary by station. Limited supply. Donation Stations. Accepted Items.

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Key Partners. Reuse Organizations. Promo Partners. Property Managers.

Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt

Move Out Made Easy. Reuse Directory. Apartment Recycling. Arbor Car Wash Guadalupe St. Bananarchy Guadalupe St. Fun Yogurt Shop, stressful winters.

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The Orange Leaf I worked at was super fun. There were plenty of learning opportunities which made it possible for me to advance my knowledge of office procedures and managerial practices. My only complaint would be that when there are two owners in a company, they don't always agree but they are BOTH still your bosses! This place seemed cool at first but the problems started day one. On my first day the manager gave me my uniform and then took off and then they had a coworker of the same level as me teach me everything when he was only there 2 weeks longer than me! I hardly ever seen the manager my whole employment.

It also sucks because you can work for 8 hours and not get a single break. Plus most people quit because of how bad the management is, I only worked there for 3 months and we had 6 to 7 employees quit in under 2 months! And at the end of my employment they kept cutting my hours every week until i had zero hours. They are closed. My store permanently shut down a few months after I left. Me and another girl who left were practically the only people who ran the store. It was very dirty. I loved working for Orange leaf frozen yogurt.

I loved the people I worked with and got along with them all. I was fired because I couldn't get to work because I had lost transportation due to having to live in a domestic violence shelter and had no childcare for my daughter. So easy I could do it with my eyes closed. Fun, relaxed and very simple. Good job for young adults starting out, or building towards a career in management, hospitality etc.

I kinda miss it, just not the pay.

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Fantastic Job for a High School Student. I had this job as a high school student and they were extremely flexible with hours. I worked my way up to shift leader pretty quick, but there wasn't much advancement after that. My boss was fantastic!

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Slow paced and easy workplace with simple task. It was fairly simple prior to learning with the great management. If anything find more people to work for the company and expand further as a franchise. Fun and fast paced. Great job.

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As the owner I really got to shine. Customer service was key. Enjoyed building relationship with the surrounding community. Fund raisers and special events were the best. Fun workplace. Overall a fun beginner job. Friendly staff and balance work and school.

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Friendly customers and is not stressful at all. Winter is rough because they cut hours. Not willing to give raises. Amazing place to work. If you like a relaxed job then this is the place to work. Everyone likes on another there. You can move quickly up the career pole here. Didn't have to work late.

Orange leaf was one of my first jobs. Fun place to work but, the owners are very hands off. A typical day at work is heading out into the community making people aware of Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt. Working with schools, business, government offices, hospitals, non-profits, I help create fundraisers and catering jobs bringing smiles to everyone.

The downside is the owners are very hands off and do not keep on routine maintenance of machines. Also, I see a downward trend in the frozen yogurt market in this particular area. Instability of the product market and limitations on how many hours I could work. Wonderful company to work for-learned a lot. A typical day was opening up the store and following a normal, consistent procedure. I learned a lot about customer service and cleanliness and how the two were some of the most important factors in the business.

I got the opportunity to attend a corporate Connection meeting, which was amazing. The company stands for and believes in great things, and attains great people. It's a friendly environment, with friendly customers and staff, bright colors, fun music and delicious food. The easiest part of the job is probably just the job itself.

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There isn't too much to working at Orange Leaf, and that's what makes it great. It's simple. You make the yogurt and toppings that need prepped, and you interact with the customers while they serve themselves. Beyond that, it's getting to know the community, which is even better than sitting inside of an office. It was awesome seeing people's faces light up. The worst part about the job is that it has no room for advancement.

As an assistant manager, I can't move anywhere beyond where I'm at unless if my manager up and quits which won't happen. Productive and upbeat work environment. This job has taught me a lot about costumer service and how to handle different situations in the work field. Working in the upbeat environment has made it a lot easier to stay on top of everyday tasks.

I am very pleased with how the company runs it's work environment. Highschooler job.